Abdurakhmanova Nargiza Davronbekovna

Doctor neurologist, the highest category, (Ph.D)

Направления: Neurology

Email: a.nargiza@fedorovich.uz

+998 78 140-78-87.

A neurologist of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences (min.), head of the BFTO, deals with the treatment of neurological diseases of organic and functional origin, using the following treatment methods:

Paravertebral blocks.
Infiltration of muscle trigger points with novocaine.
Perineural blocks in neuropathy of the facial nerve.
Blockade of the peripheral branches of the trigeminal nerve (I, II, III).
Blockade of the greater occipital nerve.

Conducts botulinum therapy for the following diseases:
spastic torticollis;
focal dystonia;
spastic syndrome;
oro-mandibular dystonia;
dystonia of precise movements;
foot dystonia;
any spasticity - due to stroke, head injury, multiple sclerosis, etc .;
nervous tics;
tremor of the limbs and head;
painful rigidity;
muscular-tonic syndromes;
contractures of mimic muscles;
headaches due to overexertion of the pericranial muscles;
dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint due to pain;
painful spasms, including sports and post-traumatic.

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